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So... I like artichokes. A lot. You might say they are kindof a cult food for me. Ever since I was a kid, they were a part of my birthday dinner - along with lobster and twice-baked potatoes. Yeah - I don't mess around. And there's something about those spikey leaves that will get ya if you aren't careful, that peel away to reveal a heart, that when dripping in butter, practically brings me to my knees. Ok, so not everyone may feel the same way that I do about artichokes. And that's ok. But I'd be willing to bet a double decker tuna melt that you have a food that speaks to you and that sets you free. Chocolate is entirely in it's own realm, because I think I could actually live in a house made out of it, and then eat my own house. In one day. But if t-shirts are your wardrobe bread and butter, and food is your jam, then Foodie Tees are the peanut butter that binds you. 

Ok - food analogies are a little wacky. But so are we at Bunkybee. This line was the result of a certain son-slash-art director who had a very persuasive moment when he convinced me that nothing would be finer than a t-shirt with hummus on it. Not actual physical hummus, because that's pretty yucky to go out in public with on your shirt, but a picture of hummus. That's all. Because - hummus. But I added my own twist - as a tribute to a popular saying in our household. We learned of this infectious phrase from a viral video with a 3-year-old chef who makes his own stuff with his mom on YouTube. The toddler, Roman, is super cute, and his high little voice pushes us over the edge to full on adorableness overload. When he adds the ingredients for his birthday cake, he says - "Flour Time", or "Mixing Time" or "Sprinkles Time, in his angelic little voice. Add "Time" to just about anything, and it makes it sortof more fun to do. "Homework Time!" "Shower Time!" "Waffle Time!" - Ok- weird segway- but you get the gist. 

So cheesesteaks and margaritas were a no-brainer for me for some of the first designs. But someone else's signature dish may not be one that immediately comes to mind for our crew. Chicken parm? Pulled Pork Empanadas? Pad Krapow Moo Saap? (Thai Fried Basil and Pork) - ok I totally googled that one. Bunkybee's business philosophy is all about embracing what you feel passionate about - living life to it's fullest, doing what you love, empowering yourself and others to pursue your passions. Eating smart? Sure! Being healthy? Great idea! Endulging in your favorite food that makes you incredibly happy- I don't see much harm. Wearing that food on a tee - to let others know what makes you go zing? - I'd say that's a FOODIE TEE fashion statement in the making. At least we hope so.

Send us a comment about your cult food, signature dish, favorite treat or just a food that you think would be pretty darn funny to see on a tee - we would love to know!

Yours in food fanaticism,

Kris at Bunkybee

Take a look at our collection and get hungry for FOODIE TEES! Clikc on the images below for links to products. More colors and styles in the collection too!


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